2019 Poetry People Website Background

Aldeburgh Primary School, Lily-Mae Revell (10)

Aldeburgh Primary School Jemima Mulumba (10)

for Grandad Bob


Alde Valley Academy, Olivia Smith (12)

for I Fear


Alde Valley Academy, Tegan Chatten-Berry (12)

for Things I Fear


Alde Valley Academy, George Barber (12)

for Made Sense


Benjamin Britten Music Academy, Megan Gowing  (13)

for Suffragette War


Benjamin Britten Music Academy, Charlie Dobson  (14)

for A Syrian City


Corton Primary, Poppy Finch (8)

for I Asked the River


Corton Primary, Ashton Hart (8)

for Moonlight


Dennington Primary, Aaliyah Pike (4)

for My Adventure


Dennington Primary, Dylan Ranger (4)

for Sounds in Space


Framlingham College PS, Florence Stockwell-Jones (6)

for Narwhal


Framlingham College PS, Louis Thompson (6)

for Walrus


Framlingham College PS Barney Reader (6)

for Caribou


Fressingfield Primary School, Oscar Bush  (4)

for I Will Put in my Box


Great Finborough Primary, Scarlett-Rose Sycamore (4)

for Icy Water


Grange Primary School, Violet Saunders (10)

for My View from the ISS


Gunton Primary School, Shania Ashley (10)

for 5 Ways to Lose Your Brother




Gunton Primary School, Skyla Lee (10)


for Pebbles








Of the 800+ entries, 50 young poets were commended for their poems

and each receive a certificate for their outstanding work.

Gunton Primary School, Skyla Lee (10)

for Pebbles


Gunton Primary School, Joshua Giles (10)

for Poem of the Water


Gunton Primary School, Max Denny (10)

for The Train Station


Grundisburgh Primary, Nefeli Poguntke (8)

for The Monsters under my bed!


Hopton Primary, Sophie Fulcher (10)

for Wild


Ickworth Park, Youssef Jarboui (9)

for Sad


Ickworth Park, Elliot Thomas (9)

for Winter Bird


Individual Entry, Emily Calver (12)

for Lunar Rocks and Dust    


Ipswich Academy, Logan Upson (11)

for Overwatch


Ipswich Academy, Sanzida Islam (14)

for Loss


Hadleigh Community Primary, Freddie David Buckley (9)

for The Fox


Martlesham Primary, Tabitha Sturgeon (11)

for Imaginary Friend


The Meadows Montessori, Sophia Paul (8)

for When I Go To Bed


The Meadows Montessori, Isaac Gisby (11)

for The Secret Hideout


The Meadows Montessori, Maggie Garside (9)

for I Find Through the Door


Occold Primary, Florence Hobson (7)

for Housing Estates


Occold Primary, Oliver Freeman (8)

for Naughty Dad


Occold Primary, Chloe Bull (8)

for Rose Pink


Occold Primary, Hayley Terry (10)

for Uncle Shane


Phoenix St Peter, Aimee Salgado (9)

for Pockets


Phoenix St Peter, Winter Barnard (9)

for How the Dark


Phoenix St Peter, Blake Blowers (8)

for The Shadow of the Dark


Pheonix St Peter, Harvey Lakey (9)

for The Sun Creates Many Things


Reydon Primary School, Fynn Hutchinson (8)

for The Clown that’s Invisible


Reydon Primary School, Molly Knights (8)

for I Am The Wind


Reydon Primary School, Lexi Stalker (8)

for This is what I can do


Somersham Primary, Rachel Woods (10)

for The Whale


Somersham Primary, Freddie Race Whitton (10)

for Hamster


St Benedicts School, Ella Chacksfield  (13)

for A Walk to the Allotment


St Marks Catholic School, Julian Wojcik (10)

for My New Life


St Marks Catholic School, Deimante Karosaite (10)

for Memories


Suffolk One, Matteo Lesina (16)

for Although nobody asked, I told them about Dinosaurs


Suffolk One, Angel Rimron-Molloy (18)

for An Ode to a PEZ