2019 Poetry People Website Background

Aldeburgh Primary School, Daniel (10)

for Ethan's House


Aldeburgh Primary School, Evie B (10)

for Aldeburgh Beach


Aldeburgh Primary School, Jessica (11)

for What I Love About Dance


Alde Valley Academy, Lucy Dale (12)

for Eggs


Bentley CEVP Primary School, Ben James Bouldville (11)

for Narnia Woods


Bentley CEVP Primary School, Hayden Bull (11)

for The Dog Pub


Bentley CEVP Primary School, Charlie Partridge (11)

for The Popper


Benjamin Britten Music Academy, Gina Parr (13)

for What Happened Here


Bramfield Primary School, Olivia Harrison (9)

for Violins


Bramfield Primary School, Mathilda Leicester (11)

for Ducks


Birchwood Primary, Elijah Smith (9)

for Birchwood Woods


Copdock Primary, Noah Deasy (10)

for What's There?


Copdock Primary, Daisy Broadberry(10)

for That's the Village I Know


Copdock Primary, Layla Rice (10)

for Shadows


Grundisburgh Primary School, Sophie Brown (11)

for The Table


Hillside Primary School, Viggo Brooks (9)

for Hillside Playground


Hillside Primary School, Tess Thompson (9)

for More and More



Of the 1,586 entries, 50 young poets were commended for their poems

and each receive a certificate for their outstanding work.

Hillside Primary School, Zehra Suluk (9)

for Stars


Ickworth Primary School, Jason Dillon (9)

for The Poem of Red


Leiston Primary Academy, Lilly Smith (8)

for The Baby Blue Sky


Leiston Primary Academy, Keiron Harrison(8)

for A Tiny Ladybird


Leiston Primary Academy, Eddie A (7)

for Don't Turn


Leiston Primary Academy, Fatima Amomin(8)

for Goldfish


Leiston Primary Academy, Chloe Hart (8)

for If Only The…


Leiston Primary Academy, Archie Hall (8)

for The Dog Fish


Leiston Primary Academy, Ryan Aldis (8)

for Two Snakes


Leiston Primary Academy, Ethan (7)

for At The Pumptrack


The Meadows Montessori, Maggie Garsid (7)

for What Does the Moon Think?


The Meadows Montessori, Maggie Bowman(7)

for Behind the Door


The Meadows Montessori, George (11)

for Animal Problems


The Meadows Montessori, Maggie Mills (11)

for Jack Frost


Middleton Primary School, Malik Amzad

for Wind


Middleton Primary School, Laila Jones

for Grass


Occold Primary, Esther Howard (6)

for What I See

Occold Primary, Alexander Hayward (8)

for If I Were


Occold Primary, Freddy Brown (10)

for Dress up party


Occold Primary, Lola Minchin (5)

for The Eating Animals


Occold Primary, Amber Minchin (7)

for Hidden


Occold Primary, Louis Hayward (6)

for Smart


Pakefield High School, Louisa Richmond (13)

for Today is the day


St Benedicts School, Bridget Martyn(13)

for The Pencil Case


St Mark's Catholic Primary School, Findlay Bush (10)

for Things That Go Ooo


Springfield Junior School, Phoebe Semmence (11)

for The Rehearsal


Springfield Junior School, Fern Dawson (10)

for Lullaby


Springfield Junior School, Tyrus Denton (9)

for Amy Orchard


Stutton C of E School, Ruby Ryan (10)

for My Secret Garden


Stutton C of E School,Nina Hill (5)

for The MacDonald's Smoothie


Stutton C of E School, Frankie Feakins (10)

for At School


Suffolk One, Cheyenne Dunnett (17)

for January II


Witnesham Primary School, Esme Chapelle (11)

for I'm Going to Do My Homework