2019 Poetry People Website Background

Abiola Abidoye (10) St Mark's Catholic Primary School

For The Boy


Nima Aref (9) Hillside Primary School

For My Dad


Leon Becka-Morley (7) Bentley CEVP Primary School

For Castle Poem


Isabel Brinkley (14) Alde Valley Academy

For Praise


Gracie Burch (9) Place Farm Primary Academy

For Five Years Old


Charlie Button(11) Orford CEVA Primary

For Ore-some Orford


Harley Cook (8) Occold Primary

For My Dad


Samuel Cook (9) Occold Primary

For Park


Harry Dale (7) Melton Primary School

For The Haunted Field


Sophie Dix (14) Alde Valley Academy

For What a Delight


Abigail Dunnett (10) Langer Primary Academy

For Viewing Point Love


Charlie Felton (11) Orford CEVA Primary

For The Monsters in My Room


Oliver Freeman (9) Blundeston Primary

For Things that keep me awake at night


Amelie French, Melton Primary

For Next Door


Tennessee Green (6) Occold Primary

For At Night


Ruby Green (12) Stowmarket High School

For Light Green


Zoe Hammick(18) Suffolk One

For shall i compare thee to a cup of tea


Of the 1,586 entries, 50 young poets were commended for their poems

and each receive a certificate for their outstanding work.

Robin Hirst (11) Springfield Junior School

For Snowstorm


Dylan Humphries (12) Mildenhall College

For Go Kart


Adam Janiszewski (7)  St Mark's Catholic Primary School

For Uncle Arthur


Mia Joseph (9) Tattingstone CEVC Primary

For Space


Briony Landman (9) Stratford St Mary Primary

For The Wolf


Mathilda Leicester (10) Bramfield Primary

For The Tea


Bridget Martyn (12) St Benedicts School

For Bittersweet Holiday


Anna Mavar (13) Hartismere High School

For Those People


Lois Mawson (5) All Saints Primary, Laxfield

For I went to the zoo


Emma McSweeney (10) St Marks Catholic Primary School

For My Home


Marta Michalak (10) Langer Primary Academy

For At the Edge of Felixstowe


Szymon Michalak (10) Langer Primary Academy

For The lighthouse is...


Sidney Middleditch (11) Bawdsey CEVP

For The Sea on the Horizon


Ben Morgan (10) St Mark's Catholic Primary School

For I Come From the Sun


Evie Nichols (12) Alde Valley Academy

For Hares


Honor O'Brien (9) Grundisburgh Primary School

For The Real Me


Cody Oxbury (8) Melton Primary School

For In Campsea Ashe


Anstar Phillips (11) Orford CEVA Primary

For What it's like to live in Orford


Elliott Pike (5) Bawdsey CEVP

For Boyton Mysteries


Reuben Poppleton (9) Chelmondiston Primary

For The Buster Corner


Freddie Potter (13) Hartismere High School

For The day when I went to feed my sister's hamster


Emma Quinton (11) Bawdsey CEVP

For What My Mind Thinks


Martha Rankin (11) Bawdsey CEVP

For My Adventure Home


Shelby Rivett (4) Wenhaston Primary

For Summer


Henry Salter (9) Hillside Primary School

For My Great Great Grandad


Archie Shaw (9) Melton Primary School

For The Firework River


Millie Sones (8) Springfield Junior School

For Portrait of Dolly


Erin Stanford (7) Leiston Primary Academy

For Leiston Snapshots


Hayley Terry (8) Occold Primary

For Mum


Amirah Turner (3) Meadows Montessori

For The Fig


Danielle Walker-Moore (12) Hartismere High School

For How


Charlie Winter(11) Orford CEVA Primary

For The Base


Jenson Wright (7) Langer Primary Academy

For The Beach All Year